The Power of Recording at Home

As we all know, the music industry is a competitive one. Each and every skill we've picked up along the way puts us closer to that level of success we all hope to achieve. A couple of years ago, I decided to invest some time and a little bit of money into creating a simple recording space in my apartment. After hundreds of recording sessions watching how producers would record my vocals, I decided that I too am fully capable of recording my own vocals and simple guitar or piano on my own. Looking back, I think this was one of the best decisions I've made. It empowered me to record my own song demos at home, and surprisingly, a lot of the vocals I recorded at home have ended up being the final vocals on songs that have been commercially released on projects!

I think as a songwriter, it's really important to express our ideas even if you can't find a producer to help you put a track to your song. You'd be surprised what a USB mic into GarageBand can sound like!

I think no matter what dream we're chasing, it's important to continue to push beyond our comfort zone and continue to fill our heads with new skills.


Below is actually a pic of me recording at home! One of my co-writers from Sweden was in town visiting Los Angeles, and we planned a writing session at my place. We wrote the song and recorded guitar and vocal in one day, and we actually just got that song cut by an artist in South Korea!

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